In a time when "Experienced Leadership" matters most...The Town of Phillipsburg needs Mayor Wyant.

Under the guided leadership of Mayor Wyant the Ingersoll Rand Tract Re-Development Project is Happening!!! It's an exciting time for the Town of Phillipsburg!

The proposed 365 acres, soon to be known as "I-78 Logistics" will bring the following benefits to the Town of Phillipsburg:

The sale of the property will bring in 2.5 million dollars to reduce the Municipal Tax Burden to Phillipsburg Residents.

After the sale of the property the Town of Phillipsburg will immediately begin generating tax revenue never before collected for many years!

The buildings being built will bring in thousands upon thousands of dollars to the Municipal Government.

When completed this deal will create upwards of 2000 jobs!!!

Immediate Construction jobs will be created during the building phase of the project!!!

Under Mayor Wyant's experienced leadership, the Town of Phillipsburg, will see the financial stabilization many thought would never have happened! More jobs, more revenue, a lesser tax burden, and millions of dollars in ratables to assist in rebuilding and revitalizing the Town of Phillipsburg and further adding to it's greatness! This is no time for a change!!


On November 3rd, 2015 please cast your vote for Harry L. Wyant, Jr.!

A Letter from Mayor Harry L. Wyant, Jr.

Paid for by the Phillipsburg Republican Committee, S. Brooks, Treasurer, 132 Glen Avenue, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865